Yelling at kids: Not a permanent solution

Kids, be it one year or ten or even more than that are always formidable. For them parents are the one who can fulfill their wishes.  One that are their true friends.

Since children went through different stages from schooling to profession, they undergo many changes. Being parents, it is your responsibility to understand why your kid is misbehaving. It’sgood to set rules,little restriction is necessary for everyone.

Kids have very sharp observing power and they change their mood with the surrounding. They question everything, just to counter check their observation. It is good not to yell on children as it leaves a bad impression, second they won’t be comfortable to share anything next time, and thirdly they will try to implement it.

Many studies and researches have proven that parents lose their temper, because their children misbehave, continuously repeat one thing, don’t listen, being stubborn, don’t complete their homework and never get organized.

Parents whether working or not have their own liabilities and sometimes they are muddle. It’s best to make out to some park or drive. It’s important for Husband and wifethat their relationship will also affect their kids’ behavior. If they are good at communicating and sharing, kids willadopt this habit.

Children, by nature have some calibre to grab attention towards them. See a new born baby, he/she doesn’t know how to speak, but by crying he/she manages to get to his/her parents. We need to understand why a child misbehave or create hassle. Most of the times,it’s because of their school and home pressure, test how their demand are responded, lack of information and experience about something,demand for independence, needs aren’t fulfilled, and even sometimes copy their parents actions.

Therefore, it’s important to find a better solution. All you need to do is:


  1. Take the fight on a new road with humor.
  2. Start singing the music your kids hate. The louder you sing the more they will run away and it will decrease the ratio of yelling.
  3. Make your kids to play or send them to park.
  4. Get your voice lower down. This way he will try to listen what you are trying to.
  5. Be patient
  6. Don’t give more than one warning to your kids.
  7. Use firm voice while avoiding yelling.
  8. Immediately leave the room. Make yourself comfortable.
  9. Set the rule to not yell, instead speak up the problem.
  10. Start Counting to 10.
  11. Tune in to television,or switch it to cartoon channel.
  12. Listen to your kids’ problem. This will help them to say what they actually feel or what makes them so cranky.
  13. If the child is annoying too much, pass it off to other family member.
  14. Go for a walk with your kids. It will help to boost up your metabolism and in this time you get to know about their behavior. It’s also best time to advise them about what’s good or bad.
  15. Let your children learn values. How to behave with elders and youngsters.
  16. Make your kids strong and let them recover from a fall.
  17. Never forget who’s in charge. Being parent, it your responsibility to set the rules.


Your kids are your hope and strength. Their good nature totally depends upon you. Have you ever yelled upon your boss? No? Then… why kids? Think once again.

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