Working Mom: How to Balance life

You have seen many women who are working as professionals as well as they are taking care of their house. It is quiet inspiring to see one struggle so hard to earn bread. Today not only men but also women are taking keen interest to not just bound themselves to homes, but utilize their educational skills to improve the living standards. Therefore, there is a tough competition nationally and internationally when it comes to job.

Maintain a balance in professional and personal life especially for mothers is pretty hard and time taking. Childrendemand attention of parents. When children are raised under their parents’ custody, they are more balanced, organized and attentive. Family values means a lot to them.

Most of the children, whose mothers are professional doesn’t find difficult for their children to set a routine. So for mothers, to live a healthy and active life, you need to note couple of advice that would help to nurture your children with practicing your passion.

  1. Hire a caretaker

You can hire a care taker or nanny to look around your children and help you in the kitchen. This way child will learn how to deal with people.

  1. Get organized

Pack your bag and files and lunch at night so that in morning, you can spend some time with yourself and your children.

  1. Family Calendar

Family calendar will help you not to forget any of the tasks. This chart or calendar should be colorful and engage your child participation to come up with great plans and schedules.

  1. Job selection

It’s important for women especially to very selective when it comes to profession. A child’s brought up is in the hands of mother, since she is the one who look after everyone. A home based job would facilitate you to work from home, and to nurture your kids. An office routine sometime brings stress therefore, it is good to pick an offer which work best with your children.

  1. Record yourself

This activity is amazing as it leaves behind memories when you recall. Record yourself means that when you are in office and in your free time, record a small message from your phone and send it to your child. You can also place a camera that will wish him/her luck if you leave early. This way your connection with your child will be stronger. He/she will not find them alone. Ask your nanny to keep sending some clips of your child during the day.

  1. Time limits

Setting time limits is pretty good thing. Once you are at home your focus should be your family. Talk to your office colleagues to discuss all the problems in office time. Further, you should also make your child complete their task in time. Also instead of watching television or working on computer, spend your time with your family.

  1. Family activities

Schedule family activities on weekends. Go to park. Have dinner. This will make you communicate with your family. Share your thoughts and problems. Get to know what actually your children think.

  1. Walk with your partner

Relationship between you and your partner should be good. You two can talk a walk and discuss possibilities for good life.

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