Why Kids Should Not Drink Soda

We all love our kids very much.  For their physical and mental growth, we follow all the instructions with full attention. Children adore soda drinks, juice and junk food etc. therefore, they face many problems such as; obesity, constipation and laziness. This doesn’t help child grown in full health, instead they make them feel low.

There are several reasons that soda is harmful for children. Some of which are:

Sodas have zero nutrients and rich in calories and sugar. This is why they give rise to Childhood obesity. Children should be more encourage eating fruits and vegetable.

Vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium and etc. are absent in sodas, which enables their proper growth.

Milk is highly recommended for children and especially for girls. Do whatever it takes to let your child have one glass of milk daily. Whereas, sodas have a common ingredient, Phosphorus, that reduces calcium from bones. Most importantly girls, who consume a lot of it, shouldn’t be as it will completely destroy your strength of bones.

Soda contains sugar that cause tooth decay. It is harmful for teeth and so the acid dissolves tooth enamel. And within 20 minutes the enamel is completely destroyed in the front teeth.  Most of the young kids are facing enamel disease due to high consumption of sodas.

Further, diabetes is also common among the people who are high consumers of sodas. Although some inherit form their ancestors while others get from drinks. As drinks have a lot of sugar quantity therefore, it is dangerous for everyone.

Soda also has Aspartame, which is an endocrine disrupter and potent brain toxin. This also encourages a person to drink more and more. Dehydrating diuretics is in soda that is harmful for digestion function. Most of the times, we have noted that during meals if we take drinks then the hunger is finished, Which means that the drinks fill our stomach with sugar. Citric acid that contains traces of MSG is another potent brain toxin.  They fuse the mind and make the person take more and more.

Nowadays, drinking soda is a fashion trend where everyone is going for it. Further, it can upset the fragile. Similarly, sodas consist of caffeine which brings physical dependence. Most of the kids who drink a lot of different cola are found lazy and not active as compare to the kids who drink milk. Soda is one of the favorite products among kids as it contains sugar. Kids are always attracted to sweet things so it is responsible for parents to keep a check on what they eat.  Most importantly these sweets are dangerous for their health. Make your child to take milk in any form in replacement of drinks.

Lastly, if you want your child to be active and healthy than you should encourage them to eat healthy foods. Taking sodas is harmful but if it is once or twice in a month that will help their digestive system to be aware of it. So when later they consume they doesn’t get sick.

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