What’s That You Are Drinking? Is Your Child Drinking Healthy?

We all love to have some drinks that add flavor in our day. There are drinks that are beneficial for our body and some that we only desire to have more and more. Drinking water or taking liquids is an essential part for our body. Our structure is formed by 70% of water so it is necessary to fulfill this requirement.

There is two things we need to understand before we see which drinks are healthy for us and which are not. Firstly, the calorie: the purpose is to calculate how much energy a particular food contains. The purpose of this calorie measurement depends upon your age, size, amount of physical activities, based on these you set your mark and it will help you to stay active.

Secondly, nutrients are the next thing to measure. With nutrients you see what they consist of. This covers vitamin, protein, carbohydrates, calcium and fiber. Following are some of your consumptions that we daily do and don’t know what they effects they are leaving on us.


100 % Fruit Juice

What’s in it? It’s good to have fruit juice, in which if not 100 % but at least you are taking some nutrients.

How does it help my body? Eating a fruit or drinking has different impact on the body. So in case if you don’t eat fruit you can have for a little while.

Why should I be careful? Remember, fruit juice do have a lot of calories so try to take little amounts if necessary. You can make fruit juice at home that will have low calories and will be effective.

Should I drink it? Occasions would be good for fruit juices, but if you are making at home then you can take it on daily basis.


Water- Just Water

What’s in it? Calories free, so you can have like plenty of it. It will make your metabolism active and healthy.

How does it help my body? Water is best to burn fat and you will active and it will prevent you from different diseases.

Why should I be careful? Water is a necessity to keep a bottle in your hand.

Should I drink it? You should have it plenty of it every day. It will give you a fresh start.

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