Many years ago, there lived a young boy named jimmy. He was hardworking but was a bit irresponsible. One day his mother asked him to bring some fire wood as the nights were getting cooler. Instead of doing the chore right away, jimmy figured that he can easily do 2 things before the sun set. […]

Hard Work Is The Key To Success

Robin’s favorite game is Basket ball he loves playing on his routine and practice everyday Robin: At the grand finale day of Basket ball he fell ill and was very sad because he thought because of his illness he will not perform well At a grand finale day: Robin played extremely well and took first […]

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Mary: Mary was a very intelligent and a position holder student of her school.   Mary: Mary had her sister’s wedding during her test so she was unable to prepare for test   Lucy (Friend Of Mary) Asked: How’s your preparation?   Mary: I am not prepared because it was my sister’s wedding yesterday   […]

Sharing Is Coming

David loves his book and pen very much. His sister Ana asks her to share either a book or a pen David thinking??? David: David Ask Ana can I buy a new for you? Ana: No brother I want the same David: David being an elder brother decided to share his most favorite pen with […]

Unity Is Strength

Once upon a time there was a widow. She had five sons. All sons looked alike and it was impossible for anyone to tell them apart. Each son had a unique quality the eldest of them could fill the water from an entire river into his mouth, the second had a neck made of iron, […]