Unity Is Strength

Once upon a time there was a widow. She had five sons. All sons looked alike and it was impossible for anyone to tell them apart. Each son had a unique quality

the eldest of them could fill the water from an entire river into his mouth, the second had a neck made of iron, third of them could stretch his legs as long as he wished to, the fourth can stay in fire for a very long time without getting burnt and the fifth could go without breathing for several hours.

The eldest one usually went to river to catch fish and would sell them in the market the second would bring groceries in this way the family was able to survive the brothers never told their secret to anyone fearing that the people of village would think of them as dangerous. Villagers would ask the eldest brother repeatedly to tell them the secret that how is he able to catch so many fish while they failed to do so.

One day the eldest brother had no other way but to tell the villagers about his secret so he took a few boys from the village with him and went to the river. He filled so much water in his mouth that the boys could see fish in the water. They could see the surface of the river as well. On the surface they could see many rare gems and pearls. They ran with greed to pick up all the gems and pearls instead of focusing on catching the fish. After sometime when the brother got tired by the filled water in his mouth he started to call the boys back on the riven bank through signs. But they were so busy in collecting the gems that they totally ignored what he was saying and continues to go farther and farther from the bank. The elder brother tried to control water in his mouth for some time but at last he lost control and boys drowned in the river along with their gems.

When the brother came back to village the villagers inquired from him about what happened and how any fish did the boys catch. The brother got very sad and told the whole story to the villagers. They didn’t believe him. The villagers got furious about the whole matter and dragged the brother to their leader. The leader after hearing the whole matter found the elder brother guilty and said that if he took the boys means it was his responsibility to bring them back as well. Head cutting punishment was announced for the brother.

As his last wish he said that he wanted to meet his mother for the last time permission was granted to him. He went home and met his family. Told the whole matter to them. The second brother said that he would go in his place for the punishment as his neck is made of iron they would not be able to cut his head apart and also that they resemble with each other so much that no one would be able to recognize him. The next day the second brother went to the court and told that he is ready for the punishment. The executioner took out his sword and ordered the brother to put his head on the table. He hit his neck with the sword but the executioner was surprised to see that his sword got damaged but the neck of the brother was like it has not even been touched. He tired cutting the neck several times by several different quality swords but failed every time. Irritated by this the executioner went back to the leader and told him about the matter. The leader said that now the brother’s punishment is changed and now he would be drowned in the river.

The brother again requests to meet his mother for the last time as his punishment has changed and he has not told about the new one to his mother. the leader agrees to let him meet his mother. The brother again went to his room and reported about the matter to his family. This time the brother having the ability to stretch his legs agreed to go in place of the second brother.

Next day the third brother entered the court and no one noticed that he is a different person. After a while some people along with the brother travelled to the center of the river in a boat. When they reached the center. they threw the brother in water. Instead of drowning the brother stretched his legs so much that his neck appeared above the surface of the water. The people on the boat again caught him and took him to even deeper part of the river but the same happened again.

Once again, they took the brother to their leader and reported about the whole event. This time the leader ordered to throw the brother in boiling oil. The brother after hearing this again requested the leader to let him meet his mother and that he wishes to tell her that he is still alive. The leader agreed and let him go. this time the fourth brother returned to the court. The following day he was thrown into boiling oil but as the oil touched his skin he called the executioner and told him that the oil is cold and heat it even more. The executioner did as he was told but still the oil was unable to do any damage to the brother’s skin. The matter was again taken to the court. The leader gathered whole village at his place and asked for the villagers to decide the brother’s punishment. They at the end came to this conclusion that the only punishment that is going to work is burying him alive.

After hearing the punishment, the brother again requested to go home to meet his mother. He was again allowed. This time finally the fifth brother came back. After getting buried under the ground he had no problem because he could live for several hours without breathing.

After that day the 5 brothers along with their mother lived happily in peace in a place far away from the village.so kids from this story we get a lesson that in a time of crisis unity is the only way out and in order to survive we should unite whenever we come across a problem in our life


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