Too Much Homework Can Damage Your Kids Health

Most of the schools have a habit to give lots of homework to children. That is why the child starts to lose interest. The first concern is that is homework really important for children? And what does it leave an impact on children. Well there are many cases in which parents complaint that their child are facing problem in completing homework.

Now what are those problems? The list includes that children starts to have arguments with their parents, they don’t have enough time to engage with other people or activities, they loss interest in family gatherings too. Further More, the kids have no longer interest in school. And they hate their teachers as well.

So now as the children starts to behave cranky, you need to concern the teacher and even if the matter is not solved then contact the principal.  What are you going to talk to teacher? Firstly, you have to discuss the mod of homework and are it possible that they lesser homework pressure.  Mostly teachers give homework so that children can practice what is being taught in today’s class.

We need to understand one thing that every child has average seven to eight courses and so as they must be sharp to learn each and everything, but we shouldn’t apply pressure on them.  A child can perform outstanding, when they don’t have much load.

Other then homework

If we consider the question that is ‘giving homework a necessity or not? Then the answer would be No. but how come? Well, there is no need to give homework. The teacher should be able and schedule their timetable accordingly so that the child can learn whatever and how much they want them too. Make sure that when the child goes to home he don’t have anything related to school to do.  Giving 20 questions to solve only results in arguments with parents, Children too need some relaxation and so do parents.

But the second query that matters is how to compensate the homework part and what to do next? Well if you want the children to perform outstandingly then instead of giving homework, make them learn the lesson during the class and then on the following class take a test of children. By this he will always remember what’s been taught.

Side effects of homework

So being adult, we need to recall when we were young and get excessive loads of homework. Remember how much time we suffer and then we get so exhausted that we have been with no energy to engage in some other activity.  So make the competition among others school not in the reference of giving tons of homework but to make your child be prepare mentally and he gets the whole chapter synopsis in his mind. This is something that will help him in his school life and later too.

We should try to bring new scheme in our school and stop treating children so hard.  This will make him low and they can’t perform well which will directly reflect on the performance of the school on large scale.

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