Teacher Trouble- What To Do When Your Kid Complains About His Teacher!

Do you remember your favorite teacher in school? Anything that reminds you of her.  Well there are many teachers that are liked by the students so they recommend others too to have a course with them, while others are just not that liked. What makes one teacher so special and the other not? The answer is that the child needs attention and so they love and get attracted to the ones that fulfil this requirement.  There are teachers who have a formula to scold students so that they don’t lose and should have a control on the class. But this won’t help too much. Initially they will ask for your attention but if you continue with this attitude they will start to move forward.  This is not something good as the child doesn’t share what problems he faces.

What makes a good teacher is patience and ability to listen to students. The teacher who listens to his students is more capable of solving problem because that how the thing works. The best way is become friend of students and make them learn things within certain boundaries. This way they will not lose hope.

Secondly, there are kinds of children, some speak out in front of their parents that they don’t like a particular teacher, while others just stay quite. This is an alarming situation, now when the child does complains about the strict or the teacher he doesn’t like, you need to take action.

Talk to the principal and fix the differences. But before this whole thing, the school should be responsible of which teachers to choose. They can either be capable of performing smoothly or they will get hard. There should a test in which they are analyzed. This is something that is going to bring fame to the school. Remember it is the teacher who builds the image of school. So select one that has strong educational background, which will reflect in her personality and she will be able to understand the problems of children more easily.

What happens most of the times is that parents don’t appreciate their children’s complaint. They see this complain as an excuse for not going to school which is why it is a little bit of difficult for the child to convey his message.  We need to have teachers who wouldn’t do wrong to students whereas, this will lead to less complaints.

So make sure you have good teachers that will understand the children and make them learn things quickly. It matters a lot because it is concern with the child’s future. You can’t compromise on small things. Parents who don’t listen to their children have to suffer the consequences later. Moreover, there is no need to follow what is being taught from years, you can set up your own rules that will lead to something more big and good. There is a lot we can learn from children that isn’t taught by teachers. So open the circle and let the learning spread around the globe.

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