Sharing Is Coming

David loves his book and pen very much. His sister Ana asks her to share either a book or a pen

David thinking???

David: David Ask Ana can I buy a new for you?

Ana: No brother I want the same

David: David being an elder brother decided to share his most favorite pen with little sister Ana though it was his favorite pen because sharing increase love between relations. So always share your things with everyone.

Sharing is really Caring because sharing spread happiness it will makes your surroundings happier. Sharing also some times saves money. How???

  • sharing a taxi/cab which saves your money and time.
  • sharing room/apartment will of course saves your money which will also get you a companion.

Sharing saves space. How???

  • APARTMENTS, the logic behind these apartments is here we are sharing a small area among thousands of people i.e sharing an area in the air in terms of multiple floors.



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