Preparing For The First Day Of School

“First day of school” is certainly the BIG DAY for the family! It will surely be for your child too.  I still remember how nervous and perplexed I was for sending my child away from me. I knew this was a constructive start for the child. We, as parents had carefully selected the school but, I was confused because of pejorative thought disturbing my mind; What if he cries in school? Will he be able to make teachers understand his needs?

Trust me, if you and your child are prepared for this new day it won’t be that difficult to manage. With my own experience, I have come up with some tips for preparing your child for kindergarten.

Prepare yourself:

Most of the time, parents forget to prepare themselves for the first day because of anxiousness. The most important mania is relaxing yourself, as your child will get restless if he finds you tensed. Talk with friends and family regarding how you feel. Make plans to redirect your concentration and stay positive. Talking about constructive idea will help you and your child get ready for climbing the first step of development stair.

Have conversation with the school management and attend orientation before the school starts, to get an idea about your child’s upcoming schedule. Few days before the school starts, fine-tune your timetable according to the one shared with you. Also, post the schedule at a common place in home in pictorial form so that your child gets a glance of it. Give all necessary instruction about your child to the school management

Preparing child:


Train your child emotionally for what he will be doing during school. Discuss with him the entire plan, so the child gets associated.  You are the one who can make the first day of school a thrilling production. Give him/her all the positive thoughts about new friends, caring teacher, games and pictures. Talk with encouraging mindset and listen to child, as he/she is also nervous. Notice the things child repeats and evaluate tone. Before the school starts, take your child to visit school and library, make him/her familiar with the books and buy school belonging with child.


As you wake up early with your child, enjoy that time and make interesting after school plans with the child. Encourage your child to assist you in getting ready for school. When you are leaving, give your child a cheerful goodbye gesture and reassure him/her about your early meeting.Remind the kid of the after school plans and wish him a good day. If your kid picks some of the belongings with him/her to school, let the child carry that. The best way is to get up early and give a positive start to the day. Stay confident and optimistic so that your child can stay comfortable in the new environment for the whole day. If you are dropping child on the first day of school, make sure you tell your child that you are leaving, as leaving without goodbye will make him sneaking all day.

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