Praising children: The right way to appreciate your kid

It’sin the nature of human beings and animals to get appreciation. It works like a support or motivation to one. So when it comes to children, praising is the most essential part in developing their behavior.

See the little ones when parents or anyone else praises them on either their skill or their achievement or effort, it feels good. To some extent, human work because of appreciation or one can say motivation. It’s either by us, or others.

As writing on this topic, one can recall back that our parents or ancestors weren’t much into this habit. They were very strict anddon’t believe in appreciation. But nowadays, the trend has taken the other side.

Today children, be it toddlers or youngsters want their parents to praise them and appreciate their work. Everyone has lived this feeling, when your teacher or principle has praised you in front of other students. It doesn’t just sound good, but it also encourages one to struggle more.

But do this praising to children is important. Most of the time, parents are confound to check whether their meter of appreciation is in the right direction or not. Trust me, there’s no one to tell what amount should be set off. Every child is different in nature. It’s competent to praise them, but not to a level that would shatter their self-esteem.

See, what mostly happens that parents praise their child in every small moment. They consider quantity over quality. And there’s where the problem starts.

Many studies, psychologist and researchers suggest that we should praise our children for their effort not on the results. This way the children will not be a narcissist scholar.

So nurture your child to be a good decision-maker and stronger for rejection. You need to focus on quality appreciation. Praising efforts is like: cleaning room, helpin home chaos, completing their homework on time and sometimes, participating in competition.

Always remember the world is not like what parents make. It’s their responsibility to make their kid so strong that he/she faces the world on their own and struggles to make it better.

A child is more active mentally and emotionally when he/she knows that their decisions are for their good. In this way, they will be secured from being ashamed among friends.

Teach your child that even if they lose, there is other chance of improvements. And every loss has some lesson, understand it and make their move for win. It will help them to lesson what others have to say and value their opinion too. Further, they will not be stubborn in nature too.

So now from onwards, let them stand for their dream, let them explore their path and appreciate their EFFORT.

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