Parenting styles: All new parents must know

Who doesn’t like to eat fresh, luscious and pulpy fruits? It becomes so tempting, if tree is planted at the right place and received proper water and soil. Same goes for parenting. Your child is your own rumination.

Many websites have defined the word parenting. Some label it as job while others as responsibility. But besides that, it is one of the blessings given by God. It’s like an assessment that is been checked and marked not only in the world but also hereafter.

So before you step in for a new life, you should understand its significance. Parenting is an opportunity to set an example. It is not about just providing shelter, bread and clothing, but it is also about how you shape their attitudes, how discipline and responsible they are, what background are they from, how they see the world and how their mind works.

Children differ from each other in many ways; some belong from joint family, while others from single. Some are brought up by single parents and some are not. So their behaviors are reflected respectively.

Parenting is an essential part of every child. Where parents are role models for their children, they are the one who best understands their child.

So as you know that you are going to be parents you can understand some of the approaches that would help you to shape your child’s personality in a better way.


  1. Appendage parenting

This parenting says that you are more attached to your child. Every demand is being fulfilled. Parents walk with children and guide them in every stage of their life. A strong emotional bond is been shred among the child and parent.

  1. Inbred parenting

This parenting is the one our parents practice. That means how our parents were brought up, they apply the same instructions on their children too.

  1. Autogiro parenting

This type of parenting doesn’t bring good results. As parents are more insecure in this parenting, they always keep an eye and counter check their every moment. This way either the child becomes toodepended or they simply rebel.

  1. Imposing parenting

This rotates around a parent or two who show their authority on children. They set rules and regulation for their home. No tolerance is accepted on misbehaving.  There is no freedom concept in the house. Whatever father or mother orders that’s final.

  1. Open- minded parenting

These parents are mostly who are seeking their professional careers. So they are not much after their children. This is a little risky parenting as they don’t know what environmentthey arewalking in. Moreover, the child gets to mature or too stubborn. They rely more on friends than parents when it comes to life decisions.

Inert parenting

Children from this group are self-made. Since their parents struggle for their careers, so now they themselves are responsible for their own.

Parents struggle to make their child perfect. It’s good to listen to others stories. Review what your parents do when you were young. Identify the present situation, and the generation that your child is being in. Calculates what’s good for you and your child, made them face hardships and be independent. This will bring and stability and confidence in them. Don’t be hard on your children. Discuss with them the realities of life and show them the pros and cons at every stage. Be their friends and let your and their life be a fairy tale.

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