Parenting: How to Raise a Confident Girl

Girls are one of the blessings from God. They are sensitive, emotional but they are the ones who care a lot. Girls are princess for their fathers and angels for their mother. Physically, they seem weak but, girls are the strongest ones than boys.  They are like lights and birds to home which shine and dance due to them. They are the strongest one as they live two phase of life; first as being daughters and second as mothers. In order to make your girls confident in both phases make sure you don’t forget any of the below.


Be Expressive

Raise your girl to be expressive. Make them to speak up about what they feel and think. The more they contribute in discussion the more they can be clearer about things and this way you have a friendly communication.


Compliment her

Girls are really sensitive when it comes to compliments. It’s good to appreciate in whatever they do well. Sometimes, you can compliment on their dress or when they cook. You should make them confident about how she looks.


Let her be Independent

Like boys, girls too should be taught to be independent. This is helpful not them in life but also they will learn and experience a lot of things. This will help her to make her children strong too.


Body image

Either too white, dark or fair.  Your girl should be satisfied about her color. Most of the time girls face problems when they are teased about their body shape. This is not some they should worry about.  They should be rich in skills.


Remove discrimination

Many times boys and girls are being discriminated. Boys are labelled as strong while girls as weak.  Boys are supposed to earn bread while girls to look after house chores. This discrimination is very important to be removed. Societies where girls didn’t get education are because their parents are scared.  It’s our responsibility to assure that we should teach them equality in respect and status.


Resemblance with role models

Teach your girls to follow the positive side of their role models. These includes: how strong they are, how they reached here, what makes them so strong and else. Role models are important factor in a child’s life. Be careful to see whether your girl is learning well or is it harming her mindset.


Call her by name

Your name is a gift by your parents so, it is very important. As names have greater significance on one’s personality. Therefore, using nick names or princess will make them lose the power of their name. No matter how odd the name is, once it is been recalled as original it will sound good.


Face the reality

Our advertisement industries have spoiled the whole image of women. This cause girls to either to suicide or make themselves too weak by dieting. The model on the billboard which is being edited more than once becomes a weak point for girls. They should be confident enough about how they appear. There’s no need to change for anyone. Because the one you will hide might be one who can loved by many.

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