Parenting: How to raise a confident boy

Raising confident boys is very important. As boys are the bread winners of home, they should be confident on the decisions they make.  Be it girl or boy, it’s important that your child should be confident enough to stand for what they think. It’s the responsibilities of parents to make sure that engage their children to such skillful activities.

When it comes to boys and specially making them confident, it’s a little bit difficult. Boys take a little more time than girls to get mature. They are the ones who help their families from a very early age. Therefore, it’s important to make them aware of the realities and facts about life.

Following are some of the tips that could assist parents to be more open to their boys. Most of the parents are concerned about their children in context to having drugs or socializing late nights. Indeed it is harmful but don’t let your child get fool out of it.

You can talk to them and advise them very friendly to avoid such activities. Secondly, confident boys don’t mean to have men power or a muscular body. Instead it means to be sensible enough to take their decisions.

Boys should be taught in schools to treat girls equally, this way they will be ready for their daughters too. A boy is the future of its family, how good he earn and live it totally depends upon his brought up.

Don’t pamper your boys too much, let them face reality and be strong. Use of word ‘NO’ should be part of your conversation. You should not always allow everything what your child demands.

Appreciation for boys also matters a lot, so when they do something good or different, compliment them. You should also teach them to confidently stand in public to speak and share their ideas.

Children despite their age, loves experiment. So allow them to do experiments for whatever interests them. Teach them to struggle hard to achieve their goals.

From a very early age, encourage them to socialize and make friends. Through this they will be able share what they feel and it will help them in future too.

Often times, boys are very lazy and irresponsible. They rely on their sisters and mothers to arrange everything beforehand. For this, assign some responsibilities of both indoor and outdoor.

Trust your child; this will create a space that he/she will share where ever they stuck. They will be able to do new tasks more confidently. Moreover, parents should point out mistakes as gifts. Instead of scolding or yelling, you should be calm and tell your child to not try it next time. This will enhance his ability to examine before doing.

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