Many years ago, there lived a young boy named jimmy. He was hardworking but was a bit irresponsible. One day his mother asked him to bring some fire wood as the nights were getting cooler. Instead of doing the chore right away, jimmy figured that he can easily do 2 things before the sun set. He gathered his friends and started playing until they lost track of the time and it became dark. Not long after, his mother began to wonder why jimmy hasn’t arrived with any firewood yet. Night had fallen fast and it was hard to see anything in the darkness. When jimmy realized what has happened and that he hasn’t collected any firewood yet he began to worry. He called all his friends and asked them to help him in gathering fire wood as soon as they can or his mother would be furious when he gets home.

The young boys were gathering wood in the dark. Now jimmy’s mother began to worry that something might have happened to him. She went in the jungle to find jimmy. Not far from home she heard voices of jimmy and his friends. She had mixed feelings. She was happy to see him but she was also mad that he hadn’t listened to his mother. She wanted to teach jimmy and his friends a lesson. She hid behind a bush and started observing the boys. After a while she threw a twig in the opposite direction

The twig hit the ground making noise. It caught the boys’ attention. She threw another broken twig in the opposite direction. The boys jumped. The mother had a hard time holding back her laughter and a muffled moan sounded through her fingers. The boys were definitely scared. But jimmy was the brave one. He ventured forward. The mother moaned again; she threw another twig. The boys were frightened. Once more the mother moaned in a low and deep voice, “Listen to your mother.” The boys dropped everything and ran. The mother could not hold back her laughter and the boys, hearing this, scurried home even faster. After the mother had picked up some firewood, she proceeded home, where she found Jimmy in tears. Jimmy exclaimed, “Mother, Mother I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you.” His mother held him with love and she knew that he was truly sorry. From then on when Jimmy felt like not listening, the mother would mention, “The boogie-man will scare you if you misbehave.”

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