No more whining: How to stop your kid from whining

Among the list of most irritating things parents’ experience, whining of kids is at the top. Kids usually do not do it consciously but they know that this driving mommy crazy trick would work. Whining is always unpleasant and it is up to you that how calmly you handle the situation if you are a wise parent. Remember that whenever your child whines, it is not always to irritate you. May be they are doing it because they are feeling powerless or they genuinely need your help. So instead of losing control or screaming back just take a deep breath and use the tone and words in which you want your child to speak.

First find out if your child is hungry or overtired, fulfill their need in both the cases and comfort them to their best.Do not let your child whine for too long.They whine because they want to seek attention whether positive or negative. The longer they whine, the more they will get determined for what they want. So plug out you ear phones or stop yourself from whatever you are doing and give a reaction to your child’s whining. If you ignore them then it will give them the gesture that you do not care. However, you should remind them that you do care but you will listen to them only if they will stop whining.

Most importantly, Should you provide your kid with the things they want by whining? Definitely not! If they get what they desire every time by whining then they will assume that it is the best working technique.

The first step to stop your child from whining is ‘talk to the kid’. Take a calm moment when both of you are relaxed. It may be over dinner or at story time before bed. Kids do not realize how it sounds when they whine. Tell them the difference between “Mom, listen to me” and “MOMMMMM, LISTENNN TOOO MEEEEE”. They need to learn that how a whiny voice hits the ears.

Secondly, make it very clear to them that you will not respond to them if they whine. Instead, you will simply walk away. And stay true to what you have said next time the child whines. The screams will become intense first few times but you have to stay composed. Even a negative remark like “Stop whining” will give them the sign that you are responding. Sooner or later they will realize that they will get the attention only if they speak in normal voice.

Now you know that your kid whines because he needs your attention so it is a signal to you as well that you need to analyze yourself. Ask yourself, “Am I too much busy these days?” or “Is my child missing me?” Then focus on spending some quality time with them. Give individual time to them by involving yourself in any activity they like, like painting, cooking their favorite meal etc. This little investment will reward you in the form of normal behavior of your kid. Connecting yourself more with your kids can make a huge difference for sure.

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