Negative effects of POKEMON GO

2016’s favorite application which has over 21 million active users and 30-35million downloads already! Yes, you know what I’m talking about…POKEMON GO! It might sound exciting and amusing to you all but it’s having a negative impact on the upcoming generation. The positive thing however; lazy teens or children who don’t want to get out of their beds they’re dressing up to go out and look for Pokémon’s…they won’t go if you scream free ice-cream, however, they’ll rush outside when you whisper PICKACHUU (yes, whisper…They have the ears of an elephant when it comes to Pokémon). How weird is that?! It’s not a problem with the game; it’s a problem with how we deal with distraction and priority.

Firstly, it’s causing accidents, and I wouldn’t disagree with that, I’m pretty positive that people going out in the search of Pokémon’s are simply not paying attention. We all know about the fact that we can give our life for what we love but, Pokémon? Really? Try keeping your children as far away from this app as you can. They might not go out on the street to look for the Pokémon’s but we have things around the house that may cause terrible accidents.

Secondly, people are spending way too much time on this including children. Due to the excessive hype on social media everyone wants to download this application. Wasn’t Facebook enough? Almost every child knows about this, even the kids who are 6-7 years of age!

Apparently people are getting robbed too; obviously paying no attention means you pay a price…sometimes, literally. People don’t take any safety measures and just, what they might say, ‘go out on an adventurous journey’…you may as well get robbed, no?

It’s not safe as Pokémon go has access to personal data, honestly this isn’t the only app that has access to personal data, all the other trending apps have access too. Giving access to your personal data is unsafe, ALWAYS.

It’s a very addictive app, they say the more you pay attention to the same thing the slower your brain processes things. Again, try to keep children away from this game as they don’t know what they’re dealing with. They’re not smart enough to predict the aftereffects.

You wouldn’t want your battery to die an hour or two after charging it, Yes Pokémon drains a lot of battery. If your phone has a limit of 6 hours, by playing Pokémon constantly your phone will die in less than 2 hours or so.

Lastly, people should really make an effort to keep away from this app. Since this app hasn’t been released many countries yet, very few people have it on their phones. But if it is officially released all over the globe it may cause mishaps. Try to keep the little ones as far away from this game, guard you app store or play store with difficult passwords so they don’t download it on their own. It’s unsafe especially for children.

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