Mary had a Little Lamb

There was a little girl named Mary. She had a little white lamb. The little lamb followed Mary wherever she went.

One day, Mary was getting ready to go to school. The little lamb wanted to follow her. “No, little lamb. You can’t follow me. It is against the school rules,” said Mary. Therefore, she went to school and left the lamb at home. Without Mary knowing it, the little lamb followed Mary to school quietly.

At school, Mary found out that her little lamb had been following her. She was upset. But her friends and all the other children were so happy to see the lamb. They laughed and played with the lamb joyfully.

Do not be scared if things do not go your way. Sometimes, your life will not go by how you want to it to become. There are many people and animals who love so much. Their presence and utterances may embarrass you little bit. You have to bear with it.

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