Introducing Your Toddler To Friendly Chores!

Children can give a pretty hard time to their parents! From leaving toys all around the house to spilling milk on the floor and their clothes. As tough as it can be dealing with a child, we can also put them to some good use by making them help around in the house without them actually realizing that they’re working. Here are a few easy and friendly chores which children can do around the house:

Cleaning up toys

Isn’t it annoying when you’re walking around the house and keep stepping on your child’s toys? Well, you can get rid of this by teaching your children to pick the toys out and sort them out. You can make different boxes for different toys and make it sort of interesting by rewarding your child every time he/she put his/her toys back! Remember that your kid cannot tackle a big mess!

Putting away clothes

Toddlers usually just toss around their clothes on the floor. The solution to this is that you make it a habit for your child to put his/her clothes in place. For example: hang their jacket on the hook or put their shoes in its place or even throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket! What your child can’t do is tell between clean and dirty clothes. Therefore, you must handle that yourself.

Setting the table

You may teach your child how to set table. Of course, you must give them your non-valuable cutlery to place on the table carefully after providing them with a demo. You must not expect your child to carry sharp objects or any valuable cutlery that you have.


You can teach your child how to dust by wiping any surface with a cloth in front on him/her. Then you can give them a task to achieve like clean the table or the counter under supervision of course. You can help your child by spraying water or supervising them. You can only expect your child to clean easy surfaces. Like a small table or counter.


Your child can learn how to sweep by imitating your motions. You can show them how to sweep with a broom. The difficult part is gathering all the dust in the dustpan and therefore it’s hard for your child to accomplish and so they might require some help.

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