Importance Of Milk For Toddlers

Milk is an essential food product that helps in growth not only in young age but for the older ones too.  Our parents force us and sometimes we are beaten because we don’t drink milk.

Milk is something children no matter what age they are in always hate. When asked they highlight that it’s the smell they don’t like. So what do we do and how important it is to give milk to our children and especially to toddlers. Milk is known for its nutrients as it possess not only calcium but also vitamin A, B, C and phosphorous which is why it helps in brain and nerves development. Although milk is recommended for girls as it strengthens your bones too.


Further on the schedule of how to give it to your child is that you should give the baby who is less than two years, the powder milk or breast freed him. Breast feeding is also essential as it fights against many bacteria and help the baby to grow fast.

As the baby isn’t able to digest cow so as soon as he turns to two start giving him a little portion so that his stomach is aware of it and he digest it properly.

It is also said that the babies should take normal milk or low fat milk. Because there are several cases in which the baby gains weight. Now there are many factors that associate with weight gaining. Firstly, may be the baby has inherited from his family. Secondly the baby isn’t moving too much.

But if the case is little different that make your baby exercise, crawl, run, walk depending upon the age he is in. these all walking, crawling and running will help him reduce calories and to utilize the nutrient in a healthy way.

So doesn’t worry about milk and give as much as you can because it’s a whole food and something that nourishes your child’s mind and body.

Now another thing or query that parents especially mothers face is that our child isn’t having milk daily because he doesn’t find the smell good.  For this problem, the solution I would recommend to add in some flavors. Try out many so that your child has enough options. Sometime you can serve cookies or you can blend with any fruits such; mangoes, bananas, strawberries and etc. now this is going to make the milk more in calories so make sure if you baby takes three times a day that it will automatically his desire calories.

One thing that will encourage him to drink is arrange a small race with your child. All you can do is bring two glasses of milk, one for you and one for him. Now see who is going to complete it first. This is going to make feel relax and he too can complete it.  But your baby should take milk daily as it will make him strong and smart. Plus also make him eat fruits and vegetables

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