I am a Little Teapot

In a faraway land, there lived a magical little teapot. He was short and stout with a handle and a spout. His mistress made tea in him and poured the tea in tea cups. He loved to help his mistress.

One day, he saw a teacup. He shouted loudly. His mistress came over and picked him up and poured out the tea. Then he saw another empty teacup. He shouted again for his mistress. She came over and poured the tea into the tea cup. Then he saw another empty tea cup. He started to shout again.

His mistress was getting annoyed with the shouting. She emptied the tea from the little teapot into the tea cup. She washed it clean. The little teapot was happy that his mistress was going to make tea in him again. But to his disappointment, she put him into the cupboard and stopped using him ever since.

Moral of the story : 

Do not be selfish as it will only cause problems to yourself.

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