How to stop your toddler from throwing things

Roaming Around The House For Stopping Your Child From Throwing Things Is Frustrating? Are You Desperately Looking For Ways You Can Stop Your Toddler?

Your toddler loves throwing things, it obviously irritates as he is throwing every next thing and you are helpless. You must have tried different ways to stop him but still looking for something effective.

Before finding the ways, how to stop your toddler from throwing things, we need to understand why our kid is doing that. These are some typical reasons; it can be the way to communicating his concerns like pleading attention. Throwing food may indicate that he has ended with his meal and is not hunger anymore. Your scientist kid can be curious to know that what happens when he throws different things. He might love developing understanding the behaviors by repeating the action. Throwing and hitting is fun for them, it gives them a feeling of controlling things. They does that for catching your attention or might be expressing anger.


Understanding Why Your Kid Is Showing This Behavior Is Not The End; Important Is To Calculate How To Stop Your Toddler From Throwing Things?

Stopping them for doing things they enjoy will create hurdles in child’s development. Remember you are not stopping them to throw; it is all about stopping them for throwing wrong things. Do not fuss on the every throw of your kid and they do not understand you saying NO, so it will not change anything. Here are some simple tricks that will help you to come out of this chaos.

  • Be patient! Confidently tackle the behavior and do not respond immediately.
  • Calmly take that thing and communicate with your child about his behavior once he has settled. Teach them practically, what the appropriate use of that particle thing is. Like, if he throw bricks, tell him that this is for building things and build with him.
  • As he cannot express, you have to recognize the behavior and help him communicate. Your child might throw things harder when he needs attention or he may throw with joy when he wants to play.
  • Play with him different throwing games; such as ring toss, bouncing beach ball, throw ball to dog, place water balloons in pool etc. Play with them, and they will enjoy more.
  • You can also fasten the toys with seat or highchair tray. This also implies while you are driving. Tie them with short pieces of string, to avoid it being wrapped around his neck.
  • If your child loves playing with food while eating, and he throws food then serve it in tiny portions.


Dealing with this challenging behavior can give you stress and make you scream out of frustration that how to stop your toddler from throwing things, but it is utterly normal for a toddler to throw things. You need to teach them that throwing things is not wrong but it should be the right thing on right place.

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