How to remove chewing gum from clothes

Chewing gum? Yes it is sounds a little scary when it got stick to your clothes, accidentally or in fun. Most of the children in their school age have habit to stick gums on the seat of their friends. Yes it’s really irritating but they enjoy this. Whereas,mother became a nightmare for children always find possible excuses.

Most of the times, it happens in public places, where people chew it and throw it out. Rule no #1 is to avoid this habit. Now second comes, the issue of this gum. Sometimes you are going to party or meeting and on your way your sticky sticky friend: chewing gum comes along with you. Now how to deal with it? Scratching off right away will remove the gum but it will leave behind the mark.

Firstly make sure that you are sitting at clean surface. Removal of chewing gum is not that difficult. All you need to do is to stay calm, don’t panic and act smartly.  Below there are several ways to get you securing from your parent’s anger and can also safe the party.

So all the smart fellows staring noting:

  1. Use of ice cubes

Ice cubes are the most cheap and easily available solution to this issue. All you got to do is place the ice cubes above and below the gum and leave it until it melts completely.  Then gently, using a butter knife you have to scratch it off. Rinse the clothes with detergent to remove the smell too.

  1. Use of iron machine

Iron machine can also be helpful. Place a cardboard on top of the gum and iron the other side. This way it will allow the gum to soften, leaving the place which can be easily isscratched off. After that, leave it to dry and wash it.

  1. Use of coconut milk

For removing gum from synthetic clothes, use coconut milk.  Heat a little amount of the milkin microwave for 5 to 10 seconds. Then dip the affected area in the milk and then rub it together. Now leave it to dry and then wash. Coconut oil will ease the gum to lose its place which will be easy to remove.

  1. Use of peanut butter

Spread the peanut butter on the gum. This way the natural oil of butter will help the gum to loosen the place. Place it and with the help of knife or scale and pull it off.

  1. Use of boiling water

Soak the cloth in the boiling water for some time. Use teeth brush to remove the gum. This way gum will come out easily.  It will not damage the affected area.

  1. Use of vinegar

Spray the vinegar on the gum, and leave it for few minutes and then brush it off in circular motion. Vinegar contains some chemical that will loosen the gum and prevent cloth from damaging.

  1. Use of hair spray

Spray a small amount of hair spray on the gum and quickly use a knife to pull it off. Then wash the cloth with detergent and leave it to dry. In case the mark is still there then repeat the process.

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