How To Make Your Kids’ Homework Interesting

Living in this advanced and technological world, it is an extremely hard task to make your child sit still for homework. No child likes to do homework when instead they could be watching their favorite cartoon or movie, or playing the new video game. But education comes first and so homework is an absolute necessity that is a responsibility on a parent to see that their child is not only doing the homework but also enjoying it so that he remembers what he did rather than being forced to do so. Surely you want to do that as well and for this, following are the ways to make your child’s homework interesting.

A schedule and consistency.

Nobody knows your child better than you. To make your child learn the importance of homework and make them enjoy it as well, it is important that a schedule is made and is followed regularly. Only a parent knows when their child is going to respond better so the schedule should be made according to that.

A homework friendly environment.

Your child is likely to enjoy doing their homework when their surroundings will intrigue them. A colorful airy room with a classroom feeling is the best way to do this. Keeping extra stationery just like in their class will make them feel focused on their work.

Guide, but don’t answer.
Children like games. Engage them in the thinking process as if it’s a game. The first rule of making your child focus on his homework and understand what they are doing is to never tell them the answers straight away. Whenever they get stuck in some problem, you just have to guide them. Telling the answers would make them rely on you and never understand the concept of it.

Provide healthy snacks.
It is very hard for a human being to concentrate on anything on an empty stomach. A full stomach fuels the brain and the body both. Make sure your child has had enough to eat that will last until their homework is done so that their attention is not diverted to their stomach.

Do your homework along with them.
When making your child sit down for homework, show them that its not just they who have homework. You can sit with them and do your homework as well such as make the bills, grocery or shopping list etc.

Give them space.
While a child needs guidance and help with the homework, they should also be left alone for some time so that they know how to work independently as well. Do you know that every child needs independence and spoon feeding would only lead to them relying on you rather than trying themselves?

A little bribery goes a long way.
No kids like to do homework. I have never met one. In fact, I myself didn’t like to do homework as well. But my mother came up with a very intelligent plan to make me do my homework and understand it. Every kid loves appreciation and rewards. Same was with me, every time I would refuse to do homework, my mom would bribe me with my favorite toy or candy and it used to work every single time!

Try these methods on your child and share with us their response. Happy Parenting!

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