How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Sinks are the important part of your kitchen and bathrooms so keeping them clean should be high on your list of home upkeep chores. Kitchen sinks are one of the most-used items in your home. A usual sink holds dirty dishes, waste food, and standing rinsing water throughout a day. As a result, unwanted waste can mount up on the surface of your sink every day, which can cause stains, bad odor, and dirty.

Simply rinsing the kitchen sink until it looks clean will not keep it germ-free. You should regularly clean and sanitize it to get rid of bacteria. Different kinds of sinks need different types of cleaning solutions. Though, they all can get benefit from simple sanitizing products such as commercial disinfectant that works to deter bacteria stay.

The kitchen sink must be one of the dirt free surfaces in our home. Unfortunately, it is full of germs. By learning how to clean a kitchen sink properly, you can eliminate germs, other problems and the hazards they pose to you and your family. Following are the best 5 ways to clean your kitchen sink:

  1. Scrub your sink: Sinks cannot be perpetually clean with all the soap and water flowing through it. Soap residues, food, rust, and water stains will all build up if you don’t scrub your sink properly. A good recipe for scrubbing is a squirt of liquid dishwashing added to a bowl of warm water. Dip a sponge in it, and scrub gently. Try an all-purpose cleaning spray if you want to give a more thorough scrub.
  2. Vinegar magic: Use undiluted white vinegar with a clean cloth on the sink. Ensure that the entire sink is treated with it. This will not only give shine but helps in reducing bad odors as well.
  3. Use baking soda. Mix water and baking soda together to a consistency of a toothpaste. Apply the paste with a scrubbing pad. Rub out the stains and rinsed thoroughly. Use this for routine cleaning.
  4. De-stain with lemon juice. The white spots on your sink that you have so much trouble cleaning off are now easy to remove with a secret ingredient that’s already in your food store: Lemon. Erase those spots with a paste made of powdered borax and the lemon juice. Soak a towel or sponge in the mixture and rub on the spotted area. Wait for 3 minutes and then rinse off with running water.
  5. Clog-free your drainage. Every few weeks, pour the mixture of salt and baking soda down the drain, followed by a quart of boiling water. And do your best to keep hair, food, grease and other debris out of your sink drains.
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