How Ho Make Your Baby’s First Birthday Memorable

How special it is to hold your baby for the first time. Days pass by and he/she grows so fast. Where they learn to crawl and even some are in the stage of little walks. Every memory related to your baby is really important. What is the best way to save a memory? Well our mothers tell us about our childhood activities. This is quite funny to talk about. Even after spending hours and hours, the fun doesn’t end. Babies are the most innocent ones. They do whatever they feel and with pure heart. Where they are sensitive, their smile can bring back happiness.

Some people ask what is the best way to celebrate the first birthday of baby? Well it totally depends upon you and how much you can invest. But today in this article we will share some of the basic ideas that can make his/her day more special. As your baby turned to one, he/she doesn’t even remember what had happened.  So it’s you and only you who can make it a memorable one.

Firstly, you should focus on what theme does this birthday party should follow. Most of the times, people plan some princes party or jungle party. You can choose a random theme or something that really fascinates your baby. Once you are done with the theme part, rest of the arrangements will work accordingly.

Secondly, based on your theme decide what cake is the most favorite one for your baby.  Pick the best dress for the birthday boy/girl. Now moving on, you have to invite friends and family, what you can do is if you are too social then utilize social media by making some amazing picture cards that says that you and your baby is inviting everyone to their first birthday. This is the cheapest yet interesting way.  This way you can contact more people and save much time.

As the guest, costume, theme and cake is decided now what to do when the party started?  For this you can arrange some activities for other children.  You can even set a music show with a good brand that is on throughout the party. Most of the kids yell and cry when it’s time to cut the cake. Probably they are scared with all the noise and excitement. For all this happening and moments take as much photos as you can.

Now these photos can be more adorable if you pack these photos with each and everyone’s goody bag. Goody bags are the most awaited part in birthday parties. Children love this. This is a small gift from baby’s parent for their guest. It usually contains candies and things liked by everyone. So attach a moment of them with your family. Further what is more important is food. Yes food is something no one can comprise. The good the menu is the entertainment will be more. So make sure you decide the best and easily handled cuisine that suits for your guests.

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