Household Arts And Crafts For Kids!

We bring you some fun household arts and crafts for your kids!


2-5 years: Stick with consumable (edible) choices like O-shaped cereals strung onto a string. On the other hand grapple bits of spaghetti pasta upright in the openings of an upside-down sifter or colander. At that point demonstrate to your kid proper ways to stack the cereal onto the pasta.

5-8 years: Move up to hanging beads on a pony-lacing, a rubberlike string that is comfortable and easy to attach.

8-12 years: Offer your kid more adult glass beads; she can utilize an adorning or embellishing glue paste to hold fast them to card stock to make room wall art.


2-5 years: Make a stamp cushion by wetting a wipe with paint and putting it on a plate. Then give your youngster textured articles, for example, squares, pinecones, foam shapes—to press into the wipe and stamp onto paper.

5-8 years: Have your youngster utilize an elastic stamp to engrave every letter of the letter set on an arrangement of smooth stones or unpainted building pieces. They can practice their building so as to spell words them, or utilize the squares as “spot cards” at the family table.

8-12 years: Older children can utilize letters in alphabet stamps to make customized note cards, stationery, book covers and school covers with their monogram.


2-5 years: Blow bubbles yourself (or utilize a battery-worked bubble creator) and have little kids race to pop them.

5-8 years: Add a large portion of a measure of washable tempera paint to one measure of the bubble solution in a shallow dish. Utilizing a straw with the end held around an inch over the surface of the solution, have your kid blow tenderly into it until you have a bowlful of bubbles. Place a bit of paper tenderly over the air pockets. As they pop, they’ll leave their print on the paper.

8-12 years: As the young fellows go wild, older siblings can catch the jokes on camera as the bubbles float, land and pop. At that point they can utilize the pictures in a collage or orchestrate them in a frame that holds numerous photos.


2-5 years: Use an eyedropper to trickle color onto damp paper or coffee filters. Watch the colors bloom into cool shapes as the paint traverses the wet paper. Try different instruments, similar to a little paint roller or a toothbrush, and when paper gets boring, switch to boxes.

5-8 years: Your child can paint blooms or leaves, then flip the paper over and press it onto a spotless sheet, making an engraving. Then again tape stencils down everywhere on a large paper. Let your youngster paint in the holes, then evacuate the stencils and see the fun shapes he’s made.

8-12 years: Have your youngster first draw a sketch on a bit of paper with crayons, colored pencils or oil pastels. At that point she can paint over the drawing with diluted paint or watercolors to make a layered picture.

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