Honesty Is The Best Policy

Mary: Mary was a very intelligent and a position holder student of her school.


Mary: Mary had her sister’s wedding during her test so she was unable to prepare for test


Lucy (Friend Of Mary) Asked: How’s your preparation?


Mary: I am not prepared because it was my sister’s wedding yesterday


Lucy: I am also not prepared I will do cheating from copy you can also do cheating with me I will not tell to anyone in this way you can also maintain your position as well don’t worry.

Mary thinking after 10 mins???


Mary: No I will not do cheating no matter if I fail my self respect don’t allow me to do cheating.


After Test


Teacher: Mary why your test went so bad?


Mary: Because it was my sister’s wedding so I was unable to prepare for test.


Teacher: Ok as you are a very good student so I will give you another chance as Re-Test


Mary: Thank u Teacher thank u very much

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