Guidelines for parents: Getting back to school

Does your child have a fear of going to school? While formulating these tips, memories recalled of our childhood. New school, new teachers, everything is new.  It is natural for children to have a little fear.  But this fear can be handled very smartly.

As the vacations end, most of the parents complain about their kids irritating them for not going to school. Although children are comfortable with routine and they love to have it as they know mentally and they are ready physically for what is coming next. The back to school routine isn’t so hard to finalize. All you need to do is to be calm and let your child be expressive about how they feel.

The main question that scares children is will they like their new teacher? This is something natural for a child who is going to new school or class.  What you can do is visit their school once before it starts. This way the child has an image and he/she isn’t unknown to what their school looks like.  Even if the child is old to school, he can recall his memories and will be more willing to rejoin it.

Second best activity is to either call or visit friends. Some schools arrange meet ups before the school starts.  This is an interesting one, as one can know in what atmosphere he is going. Don’t miss this. Secondly, your friends and their parents can meet each other. This is a small socializing that could help you for the rest of the year.

Shop for stationary could be fun as you and your child walks in the store to purchase all the necessary things. This way they will be explored to many things. Further you can teach them how to use it so they won’t be blank as their teacher commands.

More to this, children are very experimental when it comes to new things. This can help them to create some unique and collect appreciation.

Most importantly, something that parents don’t follow is avoid last-minute drilling. It is unhealthy not only for you but for your kid too.  Last minute cooked dish is always spoiled ones. You need to schedule everything beforehand. Make your child practice a week before to be up at the time of their school. Pack their bags. If they have some work they can complete it too. The early you do it, the more fun it would be and the more easy it will be to settle yourself in the routine.

Last moments will spoil the fun and although the preparations would be done, but it will be without any memories. Once you ease yourself into the routine, your children too can adjust themselves. Get everyone be prepared mentally, so they don’t panic the first day.

It is common that everyone is little nervous about how the year will start, but being parents it’s your responsibility to your kid as comfortable as you can.

Happy Schooling.

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