Giving Your Child a Happy Healthy Lunch Hour

After half of the time that has passed in school, your child must starve and wish to spend some time with his friends, share his lunch and have a good time.

When deciding for school lunch ideas, a mother should always make a healthy choice. Here’s why: Eating healthy food acts as fuel. If you chose the wrong kind of fuel, you would only end up running out of energy before the day ends.

So, what are the right school lunch ideas for your child? Unlike a killer math question, there are many answers to it.

  • Sandwiches: Finely chop hard boiled eggs, pickles and lettuce with some mustard and mayonnaise. Make a paste out of the above ingredients and spread over brown bread. Always remember that whole grain is a lot better than white bread.
  • Wraps: You can execute great school lunch ideas through such wraps. Either add marinated chicken or beef in a whole wheat wrap or add vegetables if you child does not like meat as such.
  • Salads: Chop chunks of meat (Beef or chicken) almonds, olives, lettuce and cabbage and any other ingredient you know your child might like and make up a great healthy salad. You can give him a hot dog whole wheat bun along with this just to make it look like a sandwich! Another school lunch idea may include beans and cheese salad. Kidney beans have high amount of protein in them which can substitute your child’s energy other than any of your school lunch ideas.
  • Pancakes: Such food has been one of the best school lunch ideas since a very long time.
  • Shrimp Rolls: Combine cooked and chopped shrimp with mayonnaise, chopped carrots and black pepper. Pack with a whole grain bun.
  • Pita Pockets: Fill in absolutely ‘anything’ your child likes in whole grain wheat roti’s. This is fairly new if you talk about school lunch ideas but totally worth doing for your child’s health.
  • Quick fried rice: Chop vegetables like carrots, peas, corn and them to boiled rice. Add a little of soy sauce and cook until properly heated. Add any more spices you wish to but keep it as simple as you can.
  • Milk: This is not considered to come under the heading of school lunch ideas but however one of the best things you can give your child for lunch. If not milk then water is a perfect substitute. No juices or sodas or soft drinks.

Always remember to pick whatever your child would finish, would like to eat and that it is a balanced diet when thinking of new and good school lunch ideas. After that, as long as all of it is healthy, you are ready to let your child go to school and enjoy!

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