Fun with food!

Making healthy food look tempting is probably the most difficult task for a parent, but there are definitely many ways that could be possible…Trying to make your child eat healthy food is like punching yourself in the gut, because we all know who’s going to win and it isn’t you. Children are often smarter than we think they are, all a parent has to do is outsmart them.







  • First on the list, veggies, green veggies…perhaps the most difficult task of all. To make them look fun and tempting, serve vegetables with different dips and dressings…the easiest way. BUT…what if you could make them fall in love with veggies? 4 ways; Bake them, stir fry them, roast them, blanch them!
  • Blanched vegetables make great snacks for hungry children…they can be stored and you can utilize them up to a week! You would be at ease as blanching is quick, easy and long lasting. Serve them with dipping sauces and see your child enjoy their food!
  • Bake, bake and bake! Pizza, yes…You can make pizzas…Make vegetable pizzas, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making pizza dough, don’t. Bake them using toast instead. Throw on a couple of veggies, some chicken and YUMMYY!
  • Roasting is probably one of the easiest ways… Roast a bunch of veggies with chicken, serve with bread or rice. Dinner problem: SOLVED!
  • Stir fry is another yummy way, stir some green veggies with noodles, chicken and different sauces. It’s the perfect plan! (Change the veggies and sauces every time you make noodles)

These treats are healthy and the recipes are easy, kids would love these as they’ll be customized the way they would like. Kids like anything that fascinates them, therefore, if you use one of these ways, throw in a few sauces and you’re good to go.






Ahhh, Yet again, another struggle for parents. But don’t worry…Children do actually prefer fruits over veggies…Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Some fruits are hard to compromise in desserts but nonetheless there are many other fruits that can be used to make fun based food. For instance;

  • Waffles in breakfast…topped with strawberries, bananas and maple syrup. YUM!
  • Fruit salads…sneak some yogurt and almonds on top. Healthy already!
  • SMOOTHIES! Best way possible to encourage fruits in your child’s life.
  • Desserts…Add more fruit based desserts in your meals, they are easier to make, less time consuming and much to your pleasure, children actually enjoy them.







After all the struggling and cooking, comes the fun part! Baking, yes…now don’t start panicking after reading the “baking” part, to keep things interesting, bake with your munchkin! In any case it’ll be a good learning experience for the little ones. Either it’s kneading, mixing or pouring. It’s fun for the child and the mother both. Encouraging them to help you out in the kitchen is the perfect thing to do.

  • Bake cookies with them! Make the dough or get a box of cookie mix to make this a healthy snack, sneak oatmeal in the mix…knead the dough and start cutting shapes using cookie cutters, this way they can learn about shapes and have fun at the same time. Decorate them with fruits, frosting and sprinkles…enjoy!
  • If you don’t want to bake you can always make pancakes and to spice things up a bit…add some mashed bananas to make it a healthy treat. Enjoy with fruits and maple syrup.
  • Okay, this one’s a little off the health chart. Fudge brownies! After all the outsmarting and sneaking, let the children enjoy a yummy treat, make a chocolate batter add walnuts and chocolate chips to the mix and with the help of your little one, decorate your fudge brownies with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce!

Baking with children might sound like a nightmare and the first thing that comes to your mind is the mess but don’t worry, after you’re done with the baking you can always ask your little ones to help you out with tidying up the kitchen. Your heart will definitely melt when you see your children enjoy these healthy little snacks, these cheats can make your life much easier and you won’t have to go through the everyday struggle of feeding your children.

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