Fun Activities For Toddlers

Toddlers being toddlers and parents being parents! What the language is used to communicate is very different and yet interesting. Parents don’t plan anything that would be harmful for their toddlers, whereas, the little kings are ready to take a ride of exploration.

What makes the scenario a little messed up is toddlers just directly jump off in everything without knowing its consequences. It is the responsibility of parents to make they doesn’t get into any problem. Here we are going to highlight some of the best activities for your baby to be busy all day and to let you complete your work within time.

Activity #1: Water and Paints

Water and paints will be something amazing for them to learn and explore. By setting a place for them with a small bucket of water and different paints you can make them learn what does colors stands for and what are they used for. This will enable them to use brushes and you can store it as memory.

Activity #2: Play Dough

Toddlers take keen interest when they know that they have some to accompany them and teach them new things. So if you are planning to make them learn shapes then play dough is the best tool to utilize. It will be less messy and you can make your toddler learn a lot of things which can be serve as decoration piece in his room.

Activity #3: Walk in Nature

Take your little king to walk in streets and park and there you can make them use their five senses to learn and explore. When they walk it will help them to use their energy which will automatically impact on their growth and they will feel fresh along with you.

Activity #4: Box and Crayons

Remembers toddlers love to draw and color them. Just like their personality they adore colors. So give a paper and some crayons and let them draw whatever comes to their mind.

Activity #5: Musical Instrument

Remember when you used to set some baby rhymes on CD player for your baby, similarly musical instruments will be best way to make your toddlers be a musician. Get those guitars, piano and etc. to make them practice different tunes.

Activity #6: Stickers

Stickers are the best ways to store memories. Visit places with your child and let them maintain a book of it. Later, when you review it they will be flashed back in your mind.

Activity #7: Sensory Box

This is going to be a good activity. All you need to do is prepare a box you can pick a tissue box too and add in some accessories. Later your toddler has to put his hand inside and recognize it. The feel is going to tell him what it is. The answer will be disclosed as soon as he takes it out.

Activity #8: Chalks

Provide your toddler with a board and chalks he will be able to write and draw. This is a very good activity that will make him hold a pencil in future.

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