This story is about friendship where it is can be seen that in friendship age, color, size nothing matters once you become friends. The story starts like this that Once there was a mouse named squeaky and there was a Dog named spike. They both lived in a two-story house with a family of four. Squeaky lived in the basement all by himself. He was a lonely mouse. He couldn’t talk to anyone. The little mouse often went upstairs to go see what was going on. Spike was a huge bull Dog, but he was a friendly and polite to everyone. He was dark brown with a short tail. One night as the glass family was watching TV, Spike decided to go down to the basement and check it out. When he got down there, he sniffed around the little mouse on the old couch. Squeaky watched as Spike sniffed around. Spike finally noticed Squeaky shaking in one corner of couch with fear. Spike slowly moved up to him. he looked curiously at Squeaky. He asked, “Who are you?” Squeaky’s mouth was wide open. He was shocked to hear this creature talking to him. Squeaky said in a shaky voice? “My name is Squeaky.” Spike looked at Squeaky and told him “Don’t be afraid.” Spike started talking to Squeaky about where he came from and the places he has been. Squeaky felt at ease as spike started talking to him about his life. Weeks passed by as Squeaky and Spike got to know each other. Both started hanging out at Squeaky’s place, in the basement. From there they became friends, after so many years of being alone. Squeaky’s prayers were answered. He was very happy he found a friend to talk to

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