Food Fuss- Why My Child Doesn’t Eat!

What makes a good mom for his child?  The good food. Yes you read it right. All the love and attraction towards mother is lost if the food isn’t serve the way they want.  Most of the time children are too picky to eat. So they doesn’t eat everything so easily.

They are happy to have junk food that isn’t nutritious at all. They don’t like fruits and vegetable very much and so they react a little bit. The primary responsibility goes to parents as they are the ones who make their child eat what they want to.

Do you know what is the reason why the children don’t want to eat everything and they are so picky? Well, the reason differs; it may be that they haven’t develop that particular taste, it taste yucky to him, maybe he is not hungry at the moment, sometimes dinner is hard for children to follow and lastly, the presentation of food isn’t attracting.

Well, the reasons might matters a lot. Children should be given everything to eat so that they can develop the taste. Moreover, the presentation is not appealing because children don’t like big pieces. They would prefer small shapes of the food.  It is good to engage your child in cooking whether they can help or not.

Moreover, children should know what ingredients does the child is eating. This is very important as the child knows it and he has fewer chances to ignore the meal.  This way they will develop smell and taste.

Avoid giving junk food to children as they aren’t nutritious and so they make them lazy and obese. Try to give those fruits and vegetable which will bring along healthy benefits. Moreover, the presentation of food does matters a lot. Compare this habit with yourself. What dish attracts you more? A meal that is served neatly and nicely this means that is something you want to eat. Same goes for children as they want good presentation. So make different shapes of food and sketch a story with it. This way you can become creative and so your child can learn a lot. Your child’s health is very important for you and so you don’t have to compromise on it. You don’t have to scream to make your child eat food; all you need to do is to make it tastier for him.

To make your kitchen a more awesome place then you have to add in more and more things to it. You can allot a portion of kitchen to your children, this way they will feel light and can experiment his own dishes too.  This is very important to not make your child picky.  He should eat everything happily; this will help them to not face difficulties when he is invited at parties. The child should also engage in cooking which will help you too to overcome your load. Lastly, this will bring you too together and a share with each other relationship will develop.

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