Do You Know Your Nine Year Old Is Using Facebook?

Most of the time we have seen parents complaining that there child is not participating in gatherings and they are more towards social media. Instead of playing indoor and outdoor games and spending time in communicating with people in person they want to have fun by using computers, iPhone, IPad and cell phones.

Social media is yet an important medium that helps in multiple ways. They serve a lot of purpose and so they spread the knowledge without wasting much time in reading books.  In this world, where technology has advanced and everything is been shifted to internet, no one can imagine how the world has evolved and now you don’t have to waste time in library. Therefore, in this competition, the parents have to struggle hard to earn bread.  How a child is been brought up in a good personality? Well, if you just recall how our mothers give attention to us is not what todays’ parents can give.  Previously mothers look after their children and house.  But nowadays, mothers are too engaging themselves in their desire profession just to meet the requirement. So they would allow their child to play games on tabs which after a certain age becomes a habit of that child.

Most of the social media like Facebook which is very common in public. They allow children with age of 13 to become their users.  They found it more engaging and so they learn about many things in small time.  So if your nine old children are using Facebook by registering himself as 13 year old child, then you have to check this.

This is the responsibility of parents and teachers to encourage them in the other activities.  All your support is going to make them a better personality.  Engage them with indoor activities and try to build out something new.  Make them do some gardening or cook some new dish.  This way it will help you both to share good time together, it will help understand likes and dislikes of each other. This way child will be open to share what is going in their mind.  You can tell them how to solve a problem.  Most of the children ask questions aren’t relevant to their age.  Internet has everything in its collection; it depends to what content your children are going through.

There are many harmful cases that are seen for the children who use a lot of social media. They might get to know things that are above their age. Social media has dangerous impact on children under age of 18.  Their minds are fresh and they are more curious to know every detail so these ways, if you want to save them from watching things that will damage their mindsets then you have to pay attention on them. Keep an eye at what cartoons are they watching. By doing conversation of what they watch, what attracts them and how well they are able to receive is going to give you a clear picture about what he is up to.

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