Did You Know Your Child Is An Addict?

Computer, it is the most helpful thing in everyone’s life. This is something that will provide you multiple benefits to every individual. Most of the times, kids are addicted to computers, tabs and phones. All these technologies have where provide a platform for people to advance themselves but they also leave behind side effects. So is the responsible one for this? What you will do when you found out that your child is more engage in it rather than its surrounding.

Computers are the tools that will provide you a whole world. There is a lot to do and explore. Well for the answer of who is responsible says that parents themselves are. As they are busier in their professional lives they don’t bother to see to what their kids is using and how he is using? All these lack of attention is diverted to computers. So they lose interest in what is going on in their surroundings.

Computer where it is the most powerful tool, it is also the most dangerous one. They let the kids to be engage with those things that lie under their age. So when your kid asks you questions regarding them in privately or publicly then you have to be ready for its answer. What will you do? How will you handle the situation? And who would you like to blame for this? Well in this cause not only mothers, but also fathers are involved in it.

Both the parents are responsible for it. It is on them to see what he is doing and encourage them to participate in reading books and in door games. Talk to them in order to understand what they are going through so that you can resolve the problem through a better solution.

Remember, computers using kids are sharper than others as they are exposed to different topics. In the back of their mind there are many queries that are going on.  This will either make good kids or spoiled one. As you know that the kids are very curious and they want to explore more and more so they will reach to a destination that will be dangerous for their and yours personality too.

So now the question is how are going to handle this situation. Well there are many solutions for this. All you need to do is give more and more time with your kids. As in the early age you should be their friends instead of their parents. It is good to stop them for what is not good for them but in a very sweet tone. If you scold kids then they will get dishearten and lose the charm of sharing things, which is very bad.

So if you want to have a great future of your kid then you have to understand it complete and ask them different questions so that you will figure out how to deal. If all of a sudden you say no to kids they will be stubborn to do it again and again. So don’t be harsh and be friend to your kids.

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