Choking Child- How To Prevent A Stuck Throat In Your Toddler

Choking is a term used when the babies under 12 months face difficulty to digest food. The reason is because their consumption is of big pieces that cause blockage and so the food is not digesting completely. So make sure you have not given any big size food to your baby.  This comes in the hands of mothers, who are always there to take care of their children. Choking should be avoided as they lead to more problems.

It is to understand that toddlers aren’t capable for digest big chunks of food. They leave harmful effects on the child’s health. So whenever you serve food for the baby you need to make sure that the consumption isn’t that hard. Choking is very dangerous for toddlers as it will slowly and slowly starts to gather and later they feel irritated.  Due to this, they will be uncomfortable and so they will disturb their parents too.  For treating choking you need to eat medicines which also make the child lose interest in eating. Most of the times it is seen that parents who give their toddlers big pieces will find difficult to digest.

So what is the best food then? Well, this is something that is required to be understood by parents.  Cerelac or baby food is the best food for toddlers as the texture is paste and so it is easily eaten and digested by the baby. Further, you have to make small piece of the food whatever you are serving to your child. Even it is fruit; you have to chop it in small size. Further, the vegetables should be cooked and cut down to small size. Big pieces will only make a trouble for them to sallow.

When serving food makes sure you sit beside your child and make him from your hands. It’s good that the baby eat himself. You can make him sit in his baby seat and give food. He will then manage himself to complete it. You can shoot his video while his show his cute tricks to complete the food.  Remember, you have to make the presentation of food very appealing. This will make the baby complete his food and you can also attach some kind of stories to it, so that the next time you serve he recalls the story to make it more memorable.

If you really want to avoid choking then you have to note some of the things like: make small pieces of the food, you have to supervise while eating, don’t hurry up, you have to sit, relax and slowly chew your food. Remember, chewing food quickly will lead to constipation as you haven’t chew the food completely so in order to have a better digestion you have to chew it more and more. Further and most importantly, you have to brush your teeth before and after the meal. Why toddlers are recommended to have baby food, because it is in a paste form and so this won’t get stuck in teeth which causes cavities later.

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