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The Evils Of Kids Eating Junk Food!

Are you in a mood to celebrate some success or is it your birthday? What does first come in your child’s mind to have in breakfast, lunch or dinner? Snacks; Yes snacks may be in the form of junk food or fast food.  This is something every child is going to starve for.  They would […]

Did You Know Your Child Is An Addict?

Computer, it is the most helpful thing in everyone’s life. This is something that will provide you multiple benefits to every individual. Most of the times, kids are addicted to computers, tabs and phones. All these technologies have where provide a platform for people to advance themselves but they also leave behind side effects. So […]

Actual Stories Behind Nursery Rhymes You Never Knew

Singing silly nursery rhymes is the perfect way to send a recalcitrant child to sleep. But not many of us know that most of these poems are reference to real historical events. Humpty Dumpty: Perhaps the most well-known nursery rhyme, the origins of that poem date back to 1640s during the reign of King Charles I.  […]

10 Hysterical Posters Showing Kids Having Feelings Too!

You see, kids have feelings too and it’s about time their feelings are expressed to the world. Not just feelings – but other expressions too. It’s always hysterical to see these feelings, expressions and fears inscribed as quotes. Who doesn’t love quotes? We all do! 1. The worst feeling ever. To feel adoption, Yes all […]

10 Useful Microwave Hacks

Most of us have used microwave for reheating or melting eatables. There are many astonishing microwave hacks; here are some mind-blowing microwave tricks.   It is easy to make foaming milk without machine with microwave. All you have to do is fill jar half or less with milk. Lid the jar and shake it vigorously until it […]

How to stop your toddler from throwing things

Roaming Around The House For Stopping Your Child From Throwing Things Is Frustrating? Are You Desperately Looking For Ways You Can Stop Your Toddler? Your toddler loves throwing things, it obviously irritates as he is throwing every next thing and you are helpless. You must have tried different ways to stop him but still looking […]

Parenting: How to raise a confident boy

Raising confident boys is very important. As boys are the bread winners of home, they should be confident on the decisions they make.  Be it girl or boy, it’s important that your child should be confident enough to stand for what they think. It’s the responsibilities of parents to make sure that engage their children […]

Brain Development of Your Baby

Newborn baby brain knows everything required to live at that stage; which includes; how to breathe, feed, cry, sleep etc. however, his mind cannot generate perception and thoughts, and it cannot cope with language, memory and physical coordination. The process of developing these skills of mind refers as brain development of baby. Your baby’s brain […]