Binge Eating: Eating When Not Hungry

Do you have a perfect plan for your child’s diet? Are they strictly following it? Sometimes the things that your kids love are right in front of them and they aren’t able to eat due to weight gain.

Well, this is something, you need to understand that having a balance diet is a very challenging task and therefore, this leads to something big. Most of the times, kids do have a habit to have big meals. They eat large amount of food and so this makes half of it undigested.

Binge Eating

All these big meals and eating during meals is called binge meal; this is very harmful for diabetic kids. When kids are on a diet it is very important yet challenging to control your food routine. The food which is divided in portions is now spoiled as they eat big amounts of food. Avoid offering large quantities of food in one time; try to divide this one time meal in three portions. This will make your kids digest it properly without gaining weight.

Emotional Eating

Emotional state is very much proportional to our eating habits. In this scenario, either kids eat too much when they are happy, sad or angry or they just go off the meals. Both the scenarios are difficult. You should maintain balance among these. If your kids are emotionally disturbed then try to instruct them in eating food in a slow motion.  This will help them resolve the problem. Water is the best recommendation for kids’ emotional state as it relaxes them from different thoughts in their mind. Allows them to relax and think as a neutral human being.

Secondly, instead of letting your kids have lots of food, take them for a walk, run or take a hot shower; these will make kids burn calories and make them think in a more relax mood. What happened is when kids are emotionally disturbed, they eat food and feels like it is accommodating their loneliness, this is why you kept on eating.

Nighttime Eating

On the other hand, for most of kids, it is important to have night time eating. But what if they feel hungry even after having dinner? Then the best solution is to either take fruits or a whole some bread with jam. Avoid offering ice cream, left overs or food with high saturated calories. This will only result in unhealthy lifestyle.

Try to offer kids a little meals in evening and avoid taking any of the food that is high in calories three to four hours before going to bed. But why so? Because, this will enable to digest food without any problem.

What you can do?

In order to control these three state of eating then you have to get into habit of taking meals three times a day, i.e.: breakfast, lunch and dinner. This way your kids will not feel hungry and will be able to perform well.  Secondly, avoid bringing binge food in home. If your kids get emotional, give them time to themselves and engage them in some other activities

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