Bedtime Battles With Your Toddler

Bedtime! That’s the voice that echoes the whole house at the clock hits to 10. This word is quite relaxing for the mother that are engage in the whole day routine or office workers, but it doesn’t sounds good to the toddlers. Whether they are too tired to be asking to wake up or else they are just too energetic in order to be kept awake. Children have new and unique ideas and that is there own invention to see how they can just pull back the ride.

For children, the sleep for 10 – 13 hours is recommended. This is much of the sleep per day. The sleep helps them grow in a balance way and to concentrate in their routine.  Babies that don’t have enough sleep always finds difficult to carry on with their day. In this article we are going to highlight some of the solutions for the mothers to make the bedtime a fairy tale for their child.

Step#1: Spent time with your little one

This is very important to understand that parents especially mothers doesn’t allot much time to their kids. Is it working in office or home chores? The kids want your attention and for that he can do everything.  Bedtime is the best time that allows you two to sit and talk. You read stories to your child and so they want you to spend more time with them. So make sure you give enough attention to your child. This will help you understand what is going on in his mind.

Step #2: release your energy

Remember, when its bed time, children have much energy then in their daytime. You would be tired probably by that time but they are very much awake. So try to make them engage in some of the activities that will release their energy and they too want to go on bed.

Step #3: Head Outside

A little activity would be great for your toddlers sleep routine. Walks to park or friends meet up will make them utilize their energy. When they get busy in such activities they will use their energy and this will make them set a proper routine for their sleep.

Step #4: Eat To Sleep

Diet! Have effect on your toddlers sleep routine. All you need to do is see whether their eating hours and habits are alright. This is to ensure that food have impact on your personality.  Don’t consume such diet that will affect your sleeping routine.  Keep your tummy light so that you don’t get cranky.

Step #5: Get the Timing Right

Time, the most important and yet influencing part.  If you are making your child sleep before time, he is not very interested and won’t involve in it. If you are making him sleep after the time then he is too much tired to get sleep. Both the scenarios are difficult for him. Try to maintain a balance between these two.

Step #6: Develop and Stick To Routine

Commitment is something that is very necessary for your toddler. If you follow the same time for two days and on the third day you just skip, he will not adopt the punctuality. Remember after doing such kind of activities, children learn to get stick with responsibilities. So don’t mess this part.

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