Are You Worried About The First Food For Your Baby? Bananas Are The Right Choice

Bananas are the best fruit harvest all over the year and are easily digestible. It helps in controlling diarrhea, improves urine disorder, treats constipation, and reduces skin inflammation. They provide energy as well as fiber to support digestion, therefore; it is the perfect food that can be introduced the baby at the age of 6 months or older. Bananas are naturally sweet and creamy, which your baby would love to enjoy. Here are some benefits of banana for baby.

  • It is most nutritious diet for your toddler; it contains potassium, calcium, copper, iron and magnesium. All these nutrients are required for baby’s initial development. It helps in maintaining heart rhythm and hemoglobin level; and is essential for bone development and muscle function.
  • Viruses normally attack babies, which causes Bananas are the best source to restore the potassium and helps heart to function. It makes your child stable until you consult a pediatrician.
  • Babies are prone towards urinary infections. During this condition, feed your child a mashed banana as it cleans toxics.
  • It helps when your kid is constipated. As your child lie on his back most of the time, this makes him difficult to push the stool out which may result in constipation. Few teaspoon of smashed banana will do the work, as it has fiber in it that will cause less trouble in releasing stool.
  • Finding insect bites and their fragments on baby skin is common for parents. Banana peel will help in reducing the skin inflammation. Rub the inside of banana peel on baby’s skin, where you have observed insect’s splinters and insect bites.
  • An allergy arises from amino acid, which is mostly indigestible. Bananas contain simple form of amino acids, which is mostly digestible and does not generate allergies.


Mentioned are the most common benefits of banana for baby, which everyone should be aware. If feeding bananas to your baby is difficult for you, some of the mentioned baby food cooking ideas will help you to make is trouble-free.

Baby loves candies; you can make blueberry and banana lollies that are great for teething. Cook it little for smoothing and freeze into Popsicle mold before serving. Other than this, soothing banana fingers appeals the kids most. Dip banana fingers in yogurt and coat it with wheat flour, bake it and hand it to your baby after cooling. For delicious wholesome banana rice pudding, blend brown rice, milk, soaked raises and ripe banana until smoothens. You can easily make banana custard with ripe banana and eggs for your toddler.

There are numerous benefits of banana for baby and heaps of banana food ideas for them, other than the mentioned. This can help you to feed baby with a healthy banana, which will make your baby happy and you are satisfied as well.

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