Are You One Of The 10% Smart Parents In The World

Being parent is the best feeling yet responsible one too. It is a gift from the God to fulfill all your desires what you can’t achieve. Most of the parents are so concerned with their child up bringing that they have plans for their future.  And yes no one can plan out your future without any mean. So having parents is one of the blessings.

This makes them competitive.  The race to make their child stand with his own identity is a very targeting task. Therefore, most of the parents don’t like to take advice. Almost 90% of the parents won’t be comfortable to share what efforts they are making.  They will be easy to hide and so this lacks behind in their hard work. The rest of the 10 % parents that share what their children are going through and how hard they face somethings help them to make it easier for them.

This is something we need to understand that no one is perfect neither the child nor the parents and so we all are here to help each other. Experience is something that will always be guided to your own child and so when you share this experience it will help you and others to gain from this.

Most of the people, especially Australians are best to stand independently and when it comes to nurturing the child than this is a big responsibility. Therefore, they want to put in all their efforts but won’t be comfortable to discuss their weak part.  This is to note that this discussion will help you understand what your child wants. Most of the times the age gap between parents and children is too long and with all the responsibilities, parents doesn’t get what their child is asking for. So for this purpose, you need to either talk to your child or some friends. Every parent has a different story and its solution too. So what’s come best for your child is to be adopted.

The other reason that encourages parents to share at all is that they have a fear of judgement. As soon they will share their stories, others will judge them, so they will if you don’t. Further, sharing your problems will initially give some awkward feeling, because you aren’t use to of it, but once you started you will not.

In addition to it, you are guided to share it with some strangers, no not at all. The sharing part will begin with parents, friends and neighbors.  Since they are the closest ones and they do know you, they will be able to make things easy for you.

Secondly, you can take help from institute that are organized to help parents in solving their problems and moving on a smooth track. You should have someone you can trust and share your problems. This is something for your child so doesn’t hesitate in bringing along best at home. This is necessary; learn from people and their experiments.

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