An Emerging Fun-Learning Platform Challenging Violence

Thursday is the day when my mom visits her parents at her house. As I went in the evening to pick her up I saw my little eight-year old cousin playing Castlevania on the computer. It got me thinking; are beat ‘em up, blood and gore games are the only games that we have left? Why do little kids now a days have such violent tendencies, a lack of self-discipline and an inclination towards doom and gloom? Games like Castlevania are the reason why. Well alright, let’s not just blame the game industry- our televisions, cartoons, movies and comic books with their plethora of blood and gore and vulgarity are equally responsible for the unprincipled nature of today’s children.

Exactly how many Pakistani channels do we have that cater exclusively towards children’s entertainment, specifically of the non-violent variety? With the exception of a very few, most children media feature combatting evil with violence, even if it is for a good cause. So is violence the only answer left to us? Is there no other form of entertainment left to the children of Pakistan?

Recently, an up-and-coming start up by the name of The Fun Kids has been making waves in the social media. A fun-learning platform specially designed for Pakistani kids, The Fun Kids offers entertainment as well as educational opportunities. As a supplement to traditional, classroom mode of education, it strives to bring us back to the basics by imparting valuable life lessons through nursery rhymes, value-instilling moral stories and learning games and videos that are designed to enhance the emotional and intelligence quotient of a child from a very young age. This platform not just ensures that a child has an effective mode of learning but also is a place where a child can watch, read and play in a safe and healthy environment. A parenting forum and blog is also present onsite that invites mothers to invest in their child’s well being by discussing child caring issues and giving out parenting advice.

In just a couple of months since The Fun Kids was launched, it has succeeded in getting rave reviews from parents and still in its developing phase has gotten over 20ooo likes on Facebook. This initiative is the brain-child of an emerging digital media agency, GoLive which is responsible for many other socially active platforms. With such cause-based enterprises emerging in Pakistan, I am beginning to think that there might yet be hope for our country.

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The Fun Kids Co – An Emerging Fun-Learning Platform Challenging Violence

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