53% Kids Get A Cell Phone By Age 6

What it feels like to have your own cellphone? Technology has made us so advance that we have utilized almost all our activities to computer, IPad and mobiles. So when we as adults are attracted towards it so how can we stop our children from asking out for it. Today everything is available online sources that now all work is been managed on computers. Further to this advancement, the computers are now available in portable use, which means now you don’t have to have a CPU and monitor, you can use laptops or even iPad to complete your work. Moreover the facility of internet has also enhanced the users to get facilitated to everything around the globe.

So with all these facilities, the child is automatically attracted to avail it. Therefore they insist their parents to make it happen. Well this is something that is irresistible. Most of the children think that have a cell phone will ease their lives.  But how is that? Well according to them, they can contact their parents at the time of emergency, they don’t have to carry books instead they can search from internet.  Instead of holding a separate calculator they can use it their cell phones and lastly they can contact their friends and get updates of school work.  so if this is what they think about having a cellphone then it is not that much harmful. Remember when our parents buy us a big school bag because we have a lot of books and things to carry, which was quite heavy and makes one tired.

In addition to it, the parents have no rejection in buying cell phone to their kid. The only hurdle they face is that children of age 6 and 8 are requesting this. Well, this isn’t that much beneficial. Most of the kids are lucky to have a cellphone at an early age while the others are just bound by their parents just me and you.  If we consider the perception of parents then it’s not wrong either. According to them, they think that children who have cellphones at an early age will obviously misuse it once because children are no wonder curious to explore, more and in this they themselves challenge to their friends to be smarter than them.

Related to cellphones, there are multiple kinds of problems that are harmful for children. Firstly, they can have eye sights problems. Children prefer to have excess to cellphones 24/7 which may weaken their eye sight.  Further, the cellphones addiction will lack their interest in studies. It is said by parents that their child is more interested to have phone activity than interacting with people.  Moreover, the child is smart to know each and everything but they might be exposing to those topics which are inappropriate for them.  Due to this cellphone addiction, children don’t have any interest in joining indoor activities.

There is something that we need to understand that there is no way we can stop the digital world and neither can we stop our child.  All we can do is set some kind of strict boundaries that will be beneficial for both the parents and children.

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