15th October, Global Handwashing Day

The laziest job for kids is to wash their hands even if they are dirty. Isn’t it? Your kids never bothered to wash hands after playing with your toys, before eating your favorite meals and while enjoying the pleasurable pastimes. It is a sad fact that our children have never been told the importance of cleaning their hands before doing any chore. It is the very reason that most of the kids suffer from cholera, diarrhea, tuberculosis and several intestinal diseases in their early ages. In order to inculcate the habit of hand washing among children for leading a healthy life, ‘Global Hand Washing Day’ is celebrated each year on 15 October.

Global Hand Washing Day is an annually celebrated day with a purpose of giving awareness to the kids about washing hands with soap as a natural and affordable way of preventing diseases and saving lives. This day was initiated by the ‘Global Public-Private Partnership for Hand Washing’ during World Water Week in 2008. The very first Global Hand Washing Day was celebrated on 15 October, 2008 during the International Year of Sanitation.

With a motto of ‘Clean Hands Save Lives’, Global Hand Washing Day takes place every year to instill the habit of hand washing among people, especially among young kids, via organizing and arranging various events and sports activities.  Throughout the world, different informative lectures are arranged for public regarding the importance of hand washing. Seminars and walks are conducted to aware the masses about the fatal diseases caused by not washing the hands regularly. Different medical institutes and schools along with UNICEF arrange various events on this particular day each year. These events include a variety of activities from lectures, seminars and distributing awareness pamphlets to arranging sports activities like eating fruits, different races and jumping games; all with one purpose of ‘spreading the public awareness of a healthy life through hand washing’.

The theme of this year’s Global Hand Washing Day is ‘Make Hand Washing a Habit!’ The purpose of this theme is to inculcate the routine of washing hands with soap among kids at key moments like before taking their meals and after using the toilet. This theme is chosen with an aim to consider hand washing as a ritualistic habit that must be performed at regular intervals for ensuring a healthy body. 2016’s Global Hand Washing Day will be dedicated to habit formation tips and techniques for washing hands, using soaps, maintaining cleanliness and striving for hygiene.

Since its initiation in 2008, this day has been used to spread awareness about washing hands and to demonstrate the value of clean hands and healthy bodies. Every year, around 200 million people from more than 100 countries celebrate Global Hand Washing Day. This day is happily endorsed and supported by different famous government officials, international brands, civil organizations, NGOs and public sectors which greatly enhance the importance and value of this day.

So kids! Get ready to celebrate this day today with your family and friends and embark on the voyage of clean, healthy and safe lifestyle by washing your hands with soap daily.

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