10 Hysterical Posters Showing Kids Having Feelings Too!

You see, kids have feelings too and it’s about time their feelings are expressed to the world. Not just feelings – but other expressions too. It’s always hysterical to see these feelings, expressions and fears inscribed as quotes. Who doesn’t love quotes? We all do!

1. The worst feeling ever. To feel adoption, Yes all the zulm o sitam is fired at you. You only..

2. Can they ever say yes to anything? Can they ever agress on anything? Be cool for once? EVER?

3. When you belong to a very strict household, and feel your parents are no less than Adolph Hitler.

4. When you have your mom’s back. Mom’s are always called out to save the day! Go team mommy!

5. When you’re the only child , who’s always pick on.Akhir masla kia hai?

6. When you do so well in your exam and your paper turns into ‘halwa’.  Did you eat it?

7. This is something very comman, I believe. Ab har din to ‘lawazmaat’ nahi banenge na?

8. Just to be on the safe side. Let,s just comprise the whole class this time..

9. That awful feeling when you don’t feel loved. you feel neglected and abandoned…

10. Always blaming it on one another. It usually works sometimes!


Did you have a good laugh? Can you relate to these sayings? =)

You might think that parents are sometimes cruel and often times downright unreasonable, but when it counts the most, they will never abandon you. They worry when you come 5 minutes late at home, tell you bedtime stories, and give you 9pm curfew even when you have grown well past them and exaggerate your achievements in front of others. A relationship between a mother and her child is something precious and must always be celebrated. So go to your parents now and let them know how much you love them!

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10 Hysterical Posters Showing Kids Having Feelings Too!

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