10 Alternative Things To Do Instead Of Spanking

Children made mistakes again and again. This is something through which they learn a lot.  This cover a lot of things such as; how does my parents respond, how harmful it was it, what are the consequences and does it benefitted to anyone. Likewise children are sharp in observation and so they track every person’s mood. Most of the times, they practice certain things just to check what their parents will reply to them.

Well in that case, you need to be calm that is the first advice to every parent. This sounds very difficult at the time of situation and no doubt how hard we try we actually repeat the same things as our ancestors does.

This is also a factor that counts in as the parents themselves are too much engage in their professional and personal life that sometimes these little mistake which happened either intentionally or not, creates a bad scene in home. So for this problem you need to set some rules beforehand with telling the kids what are the consequences they will face. Even after, if they tried to do that then you have the right to spank them. Well some people doesn’t like spanking, but if the child has done something bad that has hurt others or even cause his image then spanking is the right option. This will he will learn that this is something wrong in all sense and for everyone.

Little bit of spanking won’t cause much. Instead of pampering them or hiding their mistakes will make them coward and they can’t stand strong in future. Therefore, it is good that you have a friendly conversation in which both parents and children should speak what they went through. This will bring a clear picture.

Instead of spanking, you can charge them with some make up activities. This means that they have to pay for their mistake by doing some labor work. This will help them to be strong and they won’t repeat it. Make your child listen to what you have to say, be polite but firm in your decisions. This will be recognized by him in later days.

Children have their role models to which they associate themselves. You can utilize this as a trick. All you need to do is to ask them what their role models have done in that particular situation. Through this they too will be able to conclude a punishment for themselves.

Every one of us does a lot of mistakes and when we feel bad when we are scolded in front of people. But in the case of children it is different because they have no powers to defend themselves. Only tear are their tool to make others realize to stop spanking. In order to control the situation, you should take your child to some place alone and tell them what they did wrong and what they should do instead. Spanking or screaming in public will only make them coward and they won’t share whatever difficulties they face. This could be the worst of all so try out some friendly talk to understand the situation.

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